Facing fear

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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2012
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Fear is a feeling, not to mention the worst of all feelings, that everyone has. I fear many things, such as rats, roaches, or anything that crawls. But, there's one inparticular that scares me the most. My biggest fear is to fail. Failing not only in school or sports, in life as well. To me it's a pretty big deal to fail because if I do so, I won't succeed in anything.This fear started since I first flunked in a test, a kid told me that I wasn't smart enough to get good grades. Those words marked me so deeply that I couldn't stand to fail at something again.

Forme, failing could mean to not succeed in school, failing in my professional and personal life. When it comes with school, I'm very dedicated to my studies. Even though I study hard, sometimes it seemslike it's not enough, because I keep failing. I've been struggling to look for other strategies, but nothing seems to work and that's the part that scares me the most. And to me, it's not fair becauseI've worked hard and I've sacrificed everything, including what I love to do the most and that is playing volleyball, in order to get good grades. I'm afraid of failing in school because it makes mefeel like I'm not smart enough to do works of higher level of difficulty. It also makes me think that if I can't pass a test, for example, what could possibly make me think that I can pass college andbe a good professional in the future? That's one of the reasons why I get so frustrated when I get a bad grade.

Another fear that I have is to fail in my professional life. To be honest, being agood professional is one of my main goals in life and that's why I work so hard day by day to reach my goal. My expectation is to be the best lawyer I can be and to stand out on that field. Obviously, Iam afraid of failing at my professional life because I don't want to be just another lawyer in the list. I want people to see that I am capable of being the best on what I want.

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