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Flip4Mac WMV Export
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Version 1.0

Flip4Mac WMV Export User’s Guide

Version 1.0

What is Flip4Mac WMV Export?
Until now, publishing media in Windows Media® format on the Macintosh was a multi-step, multisystem process. First, you exported the file in a generic Windows-accessible format. Next, you transferred the movie to a Windows PC,and finally, encoded it with a PC program. With the Flip4Mac WMV Export component, publishing your media in Windows Media Format is click-simple. You can use WMV Export directly on your Macintosh to encode and publish Windows Media files directly from any supported Mac OS X QuickTime application. WMV Export plugs into QuickTime-compatible applications and exports audio and video tracks in WindowsMedia format. WMV Export works in QuickTime Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro HD, Final Cut Express HD, Cleaner 6, and other Mac OS X media applications. Encoding directly into Windows Media right from your Macintosh saves time and produces high quality movies playable by any Windows Media compatible player.

Flip4Mac WMV Export Features
WMV Export is available in two versions. The standard version isideal for creating standard definition video files using one-pass encoding. The Pro HD version provides hi-definition output, two-pass encoding and professional audio output.

Flip4Mac WMV Export Standard
• • • • Windows Media Video and Audio 9 Standard One-pass video and audio encoding Constant (CBR) and Variable (VBR) bit rates Up to 48 KHz audio sampling rates

Flip4Mac WMV Export Pro HD• • • • • • • WMV Export standard features, plus… Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Windows Media Audio 9 Professional and Lossless Two-pass video and audio encoding High-Definition (HD) video resolutions 5.1 channel audio Up to 96 KHz audio sampling

System Requirements
• • Mac OS X v10.3 or later QuickTime Pro Version 6.5.1 or later

Flip4Mac WMV Export Version 1.0 User’s Guide

Page 1 Download & Install Flip4Mac WMV Export
Downloading and installing Flip4Mac WMV Export is easy. Visit www.flip4mac.com with a Safari or Firefox Web browser. Click on the Get It! link directly beneath the green WMV:Mac logo and click the Try button. Register to download the software and click the link in the Flip4Mac WMV Export Download Instructions email you receive to download a disk image (.dmg)file. Run the installer to install the WMV Export software on your Macintosh. If your Macintosh is not connected to the Internet, you can download the WMV Export installer disk image (.dmg) file to another computer (Macintosh or Windows PC) and move the disk image (via a LAN connection or burn a CD) to your Macintosh for installation. When installation is complete, “Windows Media” appears as anexport option in QuickTime applications including QuickTime Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro HD, and Final Cut Express HD. To create a Windows Media file, just choose the export option from your QuickTime application. (See Using Flip4Mac WMV Export on page 3 for details).

Trying Out Flip4Mac WMV Export
WMV Export operates in trial mode until you purchase a license. You’re welcome to try out WMV Exportfor as long as you like. While you’re trying out WMV Export, all of the Windows Media codecs, resolutions, and encoding methods are enabled. During the trial period, Windows Media files you export are restricted to half the length of your source clip, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. During the trial period, the title of the Windows Media Export Settings Dialog is appended with the phrase “TrialVersion”. When you obtain a license, the phrase is removed. Also, the first time you display the dialog, the License tab displays automatically. After the first time, the dialog always displays the tab you viewed last before closing it.

Flip4Mac WMV Export Purchase Options
To purchase Flip4Mac WMV Export, choose from these secure purchase options: Option 1 – Purchase Directly in WMV Export. If...
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