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1. The last I saw was it
He was starring esteben king
I am pleased because they had many killings

2. Is a horror movie
they: friends
that: acting
it: excellent
this: parents
they: DVD

3. Is a movie
is a horror story
Frankenstein is a monster

4. Is a both and a film
is a horror story
Frankenstein it is a scientific


Frankenstein was (1)written by Mary Shelley, the wife of the English poet P.B. Shelley. In 1818. From the moment it was (2) published it became extremely popular and has been (3) translated into many languages. A horrorstory, it is (4) used to be the original science fiction novel. Sometimes the name Frankenstein is wrongly (5) said as the name of the monster, but in fact, Frankenstein is the name of the scientist whocreated it.
The story is (6) told through the letters of a man called Walton, an English explorer. We learn of victor Frankenstein .a student of science from Geneva, who discovers the secret of lifeand decides to make a human being. So at night he visits graveyards and collects bones and bodies.whith these eh creates a person who is more monsters than man.
The monster is huge and ugly, and ofcourse, people are (7) terrified when they see it. As a result, the poor creature has no friends and feels lonely and depressed. finally, asks Frankenstein to make it a wife. This eh refuses to do. Sothe monsters attacks and kills not only Frankenstein’s brother, but also his friend, and his bride, Elizabeth. Frankenstein is heartbroken and is determined to kill the monster.
Unfortunately, whilechasing it, he dies. The monster then kills itself.
over 40 movies have been (8) made of the story of Frankenstein ,the first as long ago as 1910.it is a fascinating story because of the characterof the monster ,which is both sad and frightening at the same time.

6 it: Time which was published
who: Discover the secret of life
these: Creates a person
this: refuses to make
it: While...
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