Frankestein (english)

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Victor Frankenstein is an affluent young man training as a doctor, engaged to Elizabeth Fanshawe, daughter of a highly respected Lord and Lady. After Victor's younger brother, William, drowns in a tragic boat accident, Victor renounces his belief in God and declares that he would join forces with the Devil if he could learn how to restore his brother to life.Shortly afterward, Victor leavesfor London to train in anatomy. He immediately meets a socially odd but ambitious scientist named Henry Clerval, who Victor later learns has discovered how to preserve dead matter and restore it to life. As Victor becomes fascinated by Clerval's experiments (which at this point involve only insects and an amputated but still living human forearm), Clerval reveals his ultimate plan: creating a newrace of invincible, physically perfect beings by using solar energy to animate "the Second Adam" constructed from parts of corpses. For some years Clerval has rented an isolated chateau where he's been building the huge laboratory apparatus to accomplish this feat. However, he is unable to complete it on his own due to a worsening heart condition. When Frankenstein eagerly volunteers himself asClerval's associate, the work begins in earnest and the lab is completed. All they need now is to obtain the right body, before winter comes to block out the sun until Spring.As luck would have it, word reaches the pair that several peasant lads have been killed in a mine collapse. After their burial the doctors quickly dig up the bodies and, choosing the best parts from each, stitch together aphysically perfect human. The night before the creation event, however, Clerval discovers that the reanimated arm - ignored for weeks during the construction of the lab and of "Adam" - has become diseased, unsightly and deformed. The shock of this reversal kills Clerval just as he is recording the discovery in the journal.The next morning, Victor finds Clerval's body and misreads the incompletejournal entry ("The process is r---") as saying "the process is ready to begin" rather than "reversing itself," which Clerval intended to write. Since neither of them wanted the perfect body to have the brain of a mere peasant, Victor transplants Clerval's brain into their creation. He is able to complete the experiment, and the result is a strikingly handsome, youthful and articulate creation,immensely strong and capable of quick learning. In awe of the creation, Victor educates him and introduces him into high-class London society, passing him off as a relative from a far-off country who speaks little English.Victor's creation has won the admiration of London's elite class, but Victor soon discovers the still-living but now repulsive arm in Clerval's cupboard. He realizes some flaw in theprocess dooms it to reverse itself and destroys the deformed arm with acid, but is soon horrified to discover the beginnings of the Creature's deformity. The fawning he has received has caused the Creature to grow very vain, so Victor destroys all mirrors in his rooms and laboratory while desperately searching for a way to correct the problem. He is unsuccessful, and the Creature's degeneration intoa coarse, monstrous thing accelerates. This fact begins to change Victor's feelings towards his own creation and he finds himself beginning to reject the helpless Creature while the Creature is unable to understand Victor's change in attitude towards him.When Victor's landlady, Mrs. Blair, enters Victor's room and sees the still friendly but grossly degenerated Creature, she dies of shock. Victoris forced to take the Creature back to the laboratory for safety. So at a loss for a remedy is he that Victor even contemplates destroying the sleeping creature with acid (as he did with the monstrous arm) but cannot bring himself to do it.Detecting Victor's changing attitude towards him, the Creature notices the changing bone structures of his own hands and face. He searches for any reflective...
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