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1-I cannot abide her constant unpunctuality.
2-The employees must abide by the rules of the company.
3-Bill always abides by his promises.
4-Problems always arise during such protests for human rights.
5-Disputes arose over who would be the first to speak.
6-Many questions have arisen recently over the origin of life.
7-Mary will awake in an hour because she has to go to work.
8-I awoke inthe middle of the night when I heard that noise
9-The patient has awoken from a two-week coma
10-I cannot bear her bad manners anymore.
11-The child bore the pain without complaint while the doctor cured the injuries on his arm.
12-The actor was born in a small village in Argentina.
13-My neighbor beats his wife every night. He should be arrested
14-Do you think you can beat Jack at chess15-My team has been beaten four times already
16-My son wants to become a doctor when he grows up.
17-Bill won the lottery and became rich overnight
18-Obesity has become a problem in the United Status
19-The alphabet begins with the letter “a”.-
20-It began to rain just as we were going out.
21-They had begun to work when the bell rang.
1-We saw a crocodile creeping along the road
2-Thecamper crept into the tent as soon as the sun had set
3-The spider crept up my arm towards my neck.
4-My father often cuts himself while shaving.
5-Billy cut his finger with a knife when he was cooking.
6-The hairdresser has cut Jane's hair very short.
7-Ms. Pierce deals with all kinds of people in her job.
8-Fred started the game by dealing two cards to each player
9-Those detectives dealtwith very dangerous criminals
10-The dog dug all the garden but couldn't find its bone.
11-They're digging for gold in this area
12-A ditch is being dug along the road
13-It was very hot, so we dove into the lake and swam for a while
14-These town folks dive for pearls as a means of living.
15-Lucy has dived with sharks many times since she came here.
16-We should do something to help thosepeople.
17-The doctors did everything they could to save the patien
18-What have you done with my books?
19-I went the bank to draw some money out of my account
20-The teacher wants to know who drew her caricature on the wall
21-Some readers have drawn wrong conclusions about the book.
22-I dreamt about you last night.
23-She was dreaming when the alarm clock went off
24-Mark has alwaysdreamt of becoming a doctor.
25-You mustn't drink and drive.
26-Tracy drank far too much yesterday
27-I have drunk too much wine already.
28-I drove to the supermarket but couldn't find a parking space there
29-Could you drive me to the airport?
30-The truck driver has driven the whole night and now he is exhausted.
31-That family used to dwell in a cottage beyond the river
32-When he was aboy, he dwelt with Alaskan Indians.
33-Prehistoric man dwelt in caves.
34-Laura is a vegetarian so she doesn't eat meat.
35-I was so hungry that I ate everything I found in the fridge
36-We've eaten so much that we won't have dinner.
37-The kid fell down and broke his leg.
38-With the coming of autumn, leaves are starting to fall
39-The temperature has fallen sharply.
40-I haven't fed thecat yet.
41-My baby is too young to feed himself.
42-The farmer fed the horses before going out to the field.
43-If you take some aspirin, you'll feel better
44-Susan felt very sad when her cat died.
45-Feel this feather pillow! It's really soft.
46-Two of my classmates are always fighting.
47-My grandfather fought in World War II.
48-Steps should be taken to fight poverty.
49-I can'tfind my wallet. Have you seen it?
50-A dead whale was found on the shore
51-Have you found your glasses?
52-David tried the blue suit on, but it didn't fit him
53-This key doesn't fit the lock.
54-All the rooms in this company are fitted with sprinklers.
55-The Jacksons fled to the U.S. when the war broke out.
56-When the police arrived, the driver had already fled the scene of the...
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