Fta agreement with colombia

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Written communication 3 L3
Laura V. Morales P.
Teacher: Silvia Florez
Final Draft

Should Colombia sign an FTA with the U.S.?

Lately, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) appears everywhere in thenews. We have been hearing opinions from the government supporting its signing, and opinions from some senators and other important people disapproving it. Because of this, many people have figuredout which side to take, for they have realized the big effect the FTA would have, if signed, on our nation’s economy. Personally, I think that this FTA should not be signed for several reasons, some ofwhich I will explain next.

To begin with, I would like to give a short definition of what the FTA is. This is an agreement to fix trading policies between two countries by eliminating import-exporttaxes completely; this means Colombia won’t have to pay taxes to sell its products inside the U.S. and the same way around. Although, this may sound great, if we look deep down the story it is not asgood as it sounds. As shown by the very definition, we are going to “compete” freely with the biggest consumer in the world, which is also one of the biggest producers. Then the question is, are weready to compete? Moreover, are we competent enough to gain something of this FTA? I would definitively say that we are not. First, their production model is 100 times more effective, more efficientand cheaper than ours making their products obviously much cheaper. Second, we do not have markets as big as they have; this means we do not produce many things they cannot produce on their own, and“the few things we have that they do not are for overstocked markets” (Robledo 2004, 13), making impossible for us to gain something at all.

What is more, their technology is much more developed thanours. “If we compare technological evolution here and there for the last hundred years, we will find that they have passed from making cars to making space vehicles, while here we cannot even make...
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