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GE-PON Training
LAB # 1

This guide is intended to show how to configure the OLT a layer 2 device for Triple Play Applications,

The current software release is xxx The first part of this guideshows the upgrade procedure to this version in case your system is running a previous software release.

1. Upgrading the system

Configure the IP address of the out-band interface. Connect yourPC to the OLT console port using a null-modem cable and configure the following settings in your terminal emulation program: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, 115200 bps and no flow control. Usedefault login and password:
BBS1000+> en
BBS1000+# conf management
BBS1000+(config-mgmt)# out-band interface fast-ethernet ip address
BBS1000+(config-mgmt)# save

Telnet the outband interface of the OLT. Use default login and password: admin/admin

Password: admintelnet@BBS1000+>

Check release version

telnet@BBS1000+# show version


You could download Release from:


telnet@BBS1000+# conf managementtelnet@BBS1000+(config-mgmt)#
telnet@BBS1000+(config-mgmt)# ftp 172.16.28.xx get anonymous epon flash:/bbs1000plus.stz bbs1000plus.stz
Success - errResult = 0
telnet@BBS1000+(config-mgmt)#reboot force

telnet@BBS1000+# show version


2. Configuring EPON parameters

Enable EPON interface

Please check the ONU PON MAC address printed on the S/Nlabel. (bottom of the ONU).

Configure ONU 1

telnet@BBS1000+(config-t-if-olt-1/1)# onu 1
telnet@BBS1000+(config-if-onu-1/1/1)# dba-sla mac 00:07:ba:34:00:e0
telnet@BBS1000+(config-if-onu-1/1/1)#dba-sla downstream committed-bandwidth 100
telnet@BBS1000+(config-if-onu-1/1/1)# show interface epon-olt 1/1 onu 1 summary
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