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Social Studies Essay

Cold war began after the Second World War in XX century thanks to the distrust between United States and Soviet Union concerning to their alliance.The principal reason was the economic and political way to rule the countries; there was a big difference, United States was absolutely capitalist, but Soviet Union under Stalin regime was a socialistcountry. The differences began and created a confrontation that brought many consequences to the modern world like the advanced weapons and fights between and inside different countries by thepolitical beliefs that were divided in capitalist against socialist or communist nations.
United States tried to show the advantages of the capitalist society to communist or socialist movements by helpingeconomically with Marshall’s plan. Although the war was not directly destroying the enemies, each country wanted to show the most advanced weapons to alarm the other band.
The real fights thatinvolved military forces were not exactly between URRS and USA, it was between other nations that followed different movements, around Europe and Middle East, but then the war arrived to Latin America. Atthe same time USA and URRS were fighting in Europe, in South America and in Central America Marxist-style guerrillas were created, and some of the .
The reason that cold war arrived to Latin Americawas that when United States realized some countries was changing their political beliefs, they try to convince them it was not okay. USA thought during this period that the south part of America wastheir back yard, so they were trying to prevent the lost of it. And by other way USA believed all communist were allied with Soviet Union.
One example could be the situation that suffered Cuba, thetotal change from capitalist ally of United States to communist regime by Fidel Castro totally against USA capitalist ideas. In there the Cold War was shown in the Cuban missile crisis after the...
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