Giving up

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Giving up is not an option, especially when you have a child to look after, no one to rely on and live in a country inundated with corruption and crime. This particular person has impacted my lifesince the day I took my fist breath of air and saw life's first spark of light. This person has gone and fruitfully surpassed obstructive and treacherous adversities. Being only a fragile adolescent shealready felt the world's pressure on her shoulders, pushing her along with its gravity. It seemed as though life wanted her to give up, but every time the thought of doing so reached her mind, shereminisced and endured. She never backed down and always found herself hoping for a better future, aiming high in order to accomplish her biggest dreams. Born and raised in Reynosa, Mexico fifty twoyears ago, she was the eighth sibling out of ten in a medium class family. Reality hit her since a very young age, she knew fairy tales would not grant her a degree, and she knew there would be no fairygodmother who gave her without charge a ride to college. During her elementary and junior high years she maintained an A, Honor Roll and 1st place rank. Her desire of succeeding grew exponentially,working as an impulse to her intuition to take life changing decisions. With only fourteen years of age, she migrated to the city of Monterrey in order to take advantage of the full high schoolscholarship she was offered thanks to her academic excellence. By this point of the story I was speechless. Leaving her family at that age was something that made me admire her self-drive even more.Therefore, it is no surprise that she is my biggest inspiration and has made me pursue my major goals. As I kept hearing her story my admiration and respect towards her went from huge to infinite. During herhigh school years, she obviously became homesick, being miles away from home. Solitude was her worst enemy and her only companion. Nevertheless, she put all of the sadness aside and made her...
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