Glam rock vs contemporary rock

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2010
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It all started with Rock & Roll. Elvis moved his feet at a rhythm no one had ever listened before. Everyone loved him. It quickly evolved into surf music. The Beach Boys marked this transitionperiod. Before anyone noticed, the Golden Age arrived. Rock was seen as a sign of hope for people. Everyone listened to The Beatles, from repressed people living in soviets, to hippies singing for peace.Rock was a sign of love and hope that arrived to make the world a much brighter place. Some say that the 60s and the 70s were the best years to be young. Nostalgia seizes people when thinking of thosedays, when everyone danced to the rhythm of love. The 70s arrived with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones already on top. The 70s were beautiful days for rock. What are the differences between rockfrom those amazing years and contemporary rock? Glam rock and contemporary rock differ in many ways, including artists’ looks, song theme, and music composition.
While most artists of glam rock used todress up in extravagant ways, artists of contemporary rock each have their own look. Glam rock artists used to wear a lot of makeup, accustomed to wear tight pants, and preferred having long hair,whereas contemporary rock artists don’t have a standardized look and they even prefer changing look two or three times a year. For example, Jared Leto, the lead singer in 30 Seconds to Mars, acontemporary rock band, has changed his look more than 10 times in his short musical career, while all members of glam rock band Kiss still use the same makeup, have the same hair style and dress up in thesame way they used to in 1972, when the band was created.
Rock in the 70s sang about completely different things than contemporary rock. Glam rock preferred singing about love, whereas contemporary rockmostly sows hatred. Most glam rock songs wanted to let know that everyone deserves “one more chance”, unlike contemporary rock in which most of what you hear is hate and violence. For instance,...
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