Guia 3er parcial ingles de 3er semestre cobach (contestada)

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1. If you __________ a lot, you __________ your exams easily.
---a) study / pass
b) studies / pass
c) studying / pass
d) study / passes
2. If you_____ the ball, it _____ .
a) throws / falls down
---b) throw / falls down
c) threw / fall down
d) throwing / fell down
3. If my father _____ to America, I _____ him.
a) go / will miss
b) go /will misses
---c) goes /will miss
d) will miss / goes
4. If the weather _____ nice, we _____ to the beach.
a) are / will go
b) will go / be
c) be / goes
---d) is / will go
5. If she _____ the university exam, her schedule _____ a lot.
a) pass / will change
b) will changes / pass
---c) passes / will change
d) will pass / change

Selecciona la alternativa que complemente elenunciado, usando la expresión “used to” y el verbo correctos.
6. My grandfather ______ run in the park.
a) use to
---b) used to
c) using to
d) used
7. Young people didn’t use to ______ videogames.
---a) have
b) has
c) having
d) had
8. Robert was driving his old van
---a) when a police officer stopped him.
b) when a police officer were stopped him.
c) when a policeofficer was stopping him.
d) when a police officer stopps him.
9. ____________, the electricity went off.
---a) While I was studying
b) While I were studying
c) While I was studied
d) While I was study
10. Subraya la respuesta correcta en orden y forma escrita con el pasado continuo.
a) Peter was riding on his bike yesterday afternoon.
b) Peter was ride his bike yesterday afternoon.---c) Yesterday afternoon Peter was ridding on his bike.
d) Peter was rideing his bike yesterday afternoon.

Selecciona la alternativa correcta de las opciones dadas que complemente mejor el enunciado.
11. Mrs. Ramirez ______ yesterday’s lunch.
---a) Was cooking
b) Was cook
c) Was cookking
d) Was cooks
Elige la oración que complemente el uso del verbo en el pasado simple oprogresivo y que
sea afirmativa.
12. When the teacher -------------- (ask) me the question, I -------------------- (talk) with my
a) Ask/was talked
---b) Asked/was talking
c) Asked/talked
d) Asked/was talk
Elige la oración que complemente el uso del verbo en el pasado simple o progresivo en su forma negativa.
13. The kids______ (not work) in their classrooms,when the principal _______ (arrive).
---a) Weren´t working/ arrived
b) Were working/ arrive
c) Were worked/arrived
d) Were work/ arrived

Instrucciones: Selecciona la opción correcta que relacione los verbos de dos palabras (phrasal verbs) con sus descripciones.
Selecciona el verbo de dos palabras (phrasal verbs) que corresponda al enunciado
14. His grandfather _________ last year.---a)passed away
b)died away
c) Killed away
d) rip away
15. Selecciona la opción que sea la adecuada.
a) Victor broke up the window.
---b) Alberto broke up with his girlfriend.
c) Juanita broke up the plate.
d) the dog broke up its toy
Selecciona el verbo que complemente la “phrasal verb” correctamente.
16. If you want to have your membership, first you have to___________ your personal
information form.
a) Look for
---b) Fill in
c) work for
d) Put down
Selecciona la opción que complemente las oraciones con las Phrasal verbs.
17. Selecciona la opción correcta en orden y forma.
---a) If you really want to go out, you need to clean up your room.
b) If you really want to turn on, you need to clean up your room.
c) If you want to watch out, youneed to clean down your room.
d) You need to give up, you need to clean in your room.

Ordena las siguientes palabras para formar oraciones.
18. you want/ can/ come in/ you/any time/.
1 2 3 4 5 6
a) 4,3,2,5,1,6
b) 4,2,5,3,1,6
---c) 4,2,3,5,1,6
d) 4,1,3,5,2,6
19. light /you / your / please/. / could/ turn off...
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