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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2010
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Hamlet reproaches his mother for marrying Claudius, in that moment he hears someone talking behind a curtain, as it is believed that the voice ofthe king draws his sword and mace, but does not kill Claudius but the indiscreet killing of Polonius. Then the ghost appears and Hamlet speaks to him, but the queencannot see or hear it so determines that the prince is totally crazy. Finally Hamlet is Polonius's body and hides. Ophelia goes mad, starts raving and singing, herbrother Laertes returns with the idea of avenging the death of his father, Claudius convinces him that Hamlet has all the blame for the death of Polonius. Laertes andClaudius then organized a plan: Hamlet Laertes will fight with a poisoned sword in order to get more chances to kill him. If that fails, Claudius will offer wine withpoison Hamlet. At that time the queen comes to report that Ophelia has drowned in a river.
Hamlet Claudius found a letter in which he ordered him killed, as Hamlet seeksrevenge on Claudius by killing his father and the ghost of his father and had asked him and he is and grief and Claudius sword was poisoned Hamlet but hopefullynothing happens because it defeats Claudius and where it hurts with the sword and falls to the floor, Hamlet quickly notice that his mother Gertrude did not take the winewhich he knew he was poisoned by Claudius, that's when it will never die and realizes that Claudius was a bad man and had killed her husband.
Hamlet Laertes confessesthe trap of wine was devised by King Claudius, Hamlet decides to take the throne that his father had left him and started a new life with his mother Gertrude.
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