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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2010
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gabriela pearson
period 2

this year I have been able to take many new challanges wich have helped me. Oneof them wich i proposed myself to do, was to get organized.
To meet this callange i have proposed myself a plan or several plans and strategiesto accomplish my goal (challange.) some of the things that I have planned are to: organize myself in a rutin and try to follow it. Other ideasthat I have in my plan are to write down in a agenda the yhings I have to do or for example things that I am missing or other things like that.Other very important thing wich my plan includes is to get my things organized in places where I remember so I can get them easily.
I have beentryng to acomplish my goal woth this plan I created but it has been very complicated for me to follow it. I have had struggles finding myself touse an agnda and to place my things in an organized way and to follow all my rutin completly.
I still want to work on it and do my best onfollowing the plans I made because I think that to be organized is a very important quality or thing that people should have for their future and forother things in wich oragnization might help them. I am going to follow my plan better and do my best to do it because I really want to acomplishit.
“Im going to do it because when i start something I finish it.” When I propose myself to do something that I relly wanto to acomlish I do it.
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