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Modifier 50, bilateral procedures
Read the CPT code description closely. If it contains wording such as "unilateral" or "bilateral," the service is not valid for use of the 50 modifier.
*Modifier is used when an identical service is performed on both sides of a paired organ.
* Medicare bilateral procedure indicator is one or three.
* Submit a single claim line with the appropriatecode and modifier 50 appended; report total units as "1."
* The single line will be reimbursed at 150% of the contracted fee when the 50 modifier is appended correctly.
* Multiple procedurereductions apply when multiple procedures are performed by the same physician on the same patient in the same surgical session.
* RT and LT does not take the place of the 50 modifier and shouldonly be used for services rendered on one side of a paired organ.
* If billing on a UB 04, the bilateral procedure must be billed on two lines. The 50 modifier should only be put on the secondline.

Bilateral radiology services
* Radiology procedures are not subject to the bilateral pricing methodology. They are reimbursed at 100% of fee schedule for each service rendered.
* Manyradiology services can be reported with a bilateral modifier (services performed on both sides of a paired organ/structure), but read the CPT code description to ensure that it does not contain wordingsuch as "unilateral" or "bilateral"
* Report 2 units for bilateral services when reporting on a single claim line, or 1 unit per line when reporting on two claim lines.
* Modificador defacturación 50
* P: ¿Cuándo es adecuado facturar el modificador 50?
* R: El modificador 50 se utiliza para informar procedimientos bilaterales realizados a ambos lados del cuerpo, el mismo día. Lassiguientes instrucciones de facturación se utilizan para informar procedimientos bilaterales:
* • Radique solamente un artículo con el código de procedimiento adecuado y agregue el modificador...
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