Historia de la puclicidad

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History of Advertising

Advertising, leads with us almost from the beginning of time. In the ruins Pompeii can find commercial and electoral posters also use papyrus to make posters and advertisements were a common element in ancient Greece and Rome. The arrival of Gutenberg press with it and the subsequent reduction in cost Printing brought the brochure and the mass distributionof messages. For the first time convey the idea was not required to sit around somewhere, waiting patiently for people there to see it, but could move in shaped pieces of paper in the hands of dealers. But undoubtedly the breakthrough came with the seventeenth century, when advertisers are realized and they could place ads in newspapers.

Advertising is parallel to the birth of trade, and wemight say that is as old as him.
Where advertising actually appears for the first time, at least all indications suggest, it is in classical Greece, where the first traders have a nomadic life. In his travels constantly coming to a city with opportunity to develop sales of their goods and brag, the shout, announce it in any way.
Later, this custom extends to the Roman Empire, where it appears the"Show" that serves to locate a work, leisure or sale. Rome joined the Show and the voice of the preacher the materiality of the written text: The "album" and "libellus". The Album is a bleached surface on which you write. Sometimes they are scrolls, other papyri, some whitewashed themselves and ultimately, all those smooth white serve to enumerate and classify the goods, advertising circuses,sales of slaves and political decisions of the authorities.
The Libellus, predecessor of the cartel, is smaller than the Album. Once he had written in the message or statement, stuck to the wall. Normally it was used to incite sedition or struggle.
In the Middle Ages appears the "preacher", which was announced with the sounding of trumpets, possibly to call people's attention on the town crier,transmitting orders and wishes of the nobles. By contrast, at this time the cartel entered into decline and was replaced by the "Show", which distinguished merchants together. It is a resemblance to what is now know as "logos" of a company.
With the Renaissance and the advent of printing, advertising is taking shape and is definitely in the sixteenth century with the emergence of newspapers where adefinitive way of advertising a seat. It was supposedly the "The Times Handlist" English newspaper, founded in 1622, where the first press announcement, itself, appeared.
It is in the eighteenth century, when the struggle for independence in the press accepts support from advertising, which was a form of funding for newspaper publishers. Over the years the business moves too much money and is ofgreat importance as to be in the hands of amateurs, appearing in the early nineteenth century advertising agencies that are dedicated to design, study and disseminate campaigns for their clients.
With the twentieth century advertising reaches its peak. Is enhanced with new media: Film, Radio, and TV… Appears offensive advertising and in an industrialized society in major competitions is fertileground for her, where you try by every means possible to capture the attention of customers, which led us to consider a "professional ethics of advertising", in order that does not become a commercial battlefield.
In short, the constant wandering in Classical Greece helps the development of sales and advertising appears for the first time. In the Roman Empire shows the Album and Libellus. In theMiddle Ages the town crier transmitting orders and wishes of the nobles. In the sixteenth century with the emergence of newspapers, advertising a seat. During the eighteenth century the press accepts the support of advertising as funding. With the twentieth century, advertising reaches its peak, powered by new media.

The history of advertising start long time ago when it started the necessity...
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