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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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Carlos Vives´s change of style
Carlos Vives is a much known artist in Colombia. First, he appeared in the public eye when he acted and singed in the TV series “Escalona”, in which he wascharacterized by his classical Vallenato´s songs. Next, his good performance led him to the release of his first album called “Clásicos de la Provincia”, the repertoire included songs like “La gota fría”, “Amorsensible”, “La celosa”, among others. There is no doubt that during this period of time, he changed the classical Vallenato for a much more popular Vallenato, and became a flamboyant artist, due tohis long rebel hair as well as for his short pants the he wore during his performances. After this, he has continued releasing albums in which the Vallenato has been combined with other types of music.I am not very sure whether if Carlos Vives continued recording after his album “Déjame entrar”, but in 2004, he released an album called “El rock de mi pueblo”. For this album, he mixed the Vallenatowith some elements of the rock music; also, he appeared wearing dreadlocks with the intention to adopt a rock and roll style. Although, Carlos claimed that mixing styles was his key to gaininternational fame, some of his fans have denied this statement by saying that since this album, Carlos Vives have lost his essence. I am absolutely convinced that this is the main reason why some of his fanshave stopped loving his music, and why some critics have catalogued his music as a progressive distortion.
Nowadays, Carlos Vives has declined to a pop style, and has started to dress-upappropriately. Also, he has return to his past hair style. Finally, there are some evidences that show the interest of Carlos Vives to return to his first style, and sing again a classical Vallenato. So perhaps,he has just notices he lost his essence, but we will have to wait and see what would happen to Carlos Vives singing career.
In conclusion, it seems like Carlos Vives likes to adopt a style...
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