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is based on the bittersweet and its seasoning base: Ajinomoto. 
Food yin (female) are soft food and water rich in fruits and vegetables, and have a cooling effect. Food yang (male) include friedfoods, spicy and based on meat,reheat and serve.
This food finds a balance between the five basic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy)
Tea is the most consumed beverage in China.
The WangChao is the traditional drink that is offered before a typical meal.
Chinese people has always treated food as part of their culture very much. There is an old saying still being quoted today ---"Foodis the first neccessity of the people." Delicious and nutritious food has been regarded as the basics of ordinary life.
Indeed, the greeting for most Chinese when meeting one another tends not to be"how are you", but more popularly, "Have you eaten?" ! Everywhere in China, regardless if it's a big or small town, you can find Chinese restaurants and food stalls easily. In fact, Chineserestaurants are commonly found in cities all over the world!
Food in China is a communal affair. Chinese food is often taken together as a family unit with the emphasis on shared dishes. Only the rice or bunsare served individually; everything else is shared from a communal bowl, including the main soup.
It is always a Chinese culture to greet each other while sitting down for a meal and wait foreveryone to be seated before a meal can start. The most senior or elderly person at the table will take the first bite and only then, will the rest of the diners join in.
Various Chinese food or cuisineChinese foof has always been part of the Chinese culture for a long time. In fact, food is very much part of the Chinese people culture and way of life. Due to it's long history, Chinese food orcuisine is very much affected by the local history and geography.
The Chinese culinary culture has a distant source and has been developed for many centuries. The legend has it that the Chinese cooking...
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