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Dear students,

El propósito de proyecto es aplicar lo estudiado a lo largo del curso ensituaciones reales.
Les recuerdo que este proyecto se debe desarrollar a nivel individual y en ningún caso deberán aparecer trabajos iguales. De presentarse estasituación, se anularán dichos trabajos y se procederá según el Reglamento Estudiantil del Sena.

No usar traductor para la realización del proyecto.

The purposeof this project is that you put into practice the knowledge acquired along this course in real situations.

The project includes three activities.

1. Tell whatpeople can /have to/ /must /should do for these
situations: (See EDO UNITS 2 and 3)

Example: To learn English, people have to practice a lot.

a. To avoidaccidents with electricity.

b. To get a good job after finishing studies at Sena.

c. To provide good customer service in your job.

d. To avoid losing informationfrom your computer.

e. To be a good professional.

2. What are you going to do in this course to improve your English? Explain. (Write at least 5 lines) (See howto express future actions in EDO UNIT 5)

To improve my English, I am going to….

3. What do you think about: (See EDO UNITS 1, and 3, GERUNDS)

a. Taking onlinecourses.
b. Studying a technical or technological program.
c. Being a well prepared professional
d. Speaking English.
e. Being a leader.

Example. Usingcomputers is a necessary skill for all people these days.

Include the four activities in a Word File and then attach it in PROYECTO in Blackboard as indicated there.
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