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This film speaks of the emergence of our planet, from the conditions in that i form; until as the human activities are affecting the climatic conditionalin this.

Glaciers are disappearing because of global warming and pollution of the machinery of man.

The man is destroying the earth because of theirexperiments, hurting animals and our surroundings.

The water is being lost so we have to care because it is not a renewable item.

I learned that you have to take careof our nature, because it has life and that water is very necessary because it is renewable and we just have to be responsible with our actions.

Land(tierra): the solid part of the Earth’s surface not covered by a body of water
Replenish(reponer): to restock depleted items or material
Built (construido):attractively well-proportioned in body shape (informal)
Shortage (escasez): an absence of something that is needed or required
Livestock (anado): animals raised forfood or other products, or kept for use, especially farm animals such as meat and dairy cattle, pigs, and poultry
Richness (riqueza): owning a lot of money orexpensive property
Miracle (milagro): an event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God
Environment (ambiente): all theexternal factors influencing the life and activities of people, plants, and animals
Charcoal ( carbon general): a black or dark gray form of carbon, produced by heatingwood or another organic substance in an enclosed space without air. Use: fuel, absorbent, in smelting, in explosives, for drawing.

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