How to use google+ for business

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How to Use

Google+ for Business
Guide to Using Google’s Social Network for Business

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How To USe GooGle+ for BUSINeSS

How To USe GooGle+ for BUSINeSS

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How To USe GooGle+ for BUSINeSS

How To USeGooGle+ for BUSINeSS


on the day Google announced the release of Google+ business pages, hundreds of media outlets

I expect brands will notice this and will build marketing plans around it.
Bradley Horowitz vP of Product, Google+

covered the story and drew attention to its importance. while many reporters and bloggers viewed it as a great improvement to Google+’s feature set,some decided to take a more controversial angle, viewing the story through the lens of a facebook rivalry.

pcworld, for example, led off with a story about how, in Mark Zuckerberg’s words, Google “is trying to build their own little version of facebook.” It has long been discussed that Google seeks to penetrate the social market, which it previously attempted to do with Google Buzz (which hasnow been shut down). will Google+ be the key weapon the search engine giant needs to achieve its goal? can this new network, with its improved feature set, beat facebook? These are all questions we don’t quite have the answers for yet. But one thing is clear--marketers are provided with a completely new platform to explore and leverage.

launched in June 2011, Google+ is a newsocial network that has attracted the attention of marketers. In just a few months, the platform amassed more than 40 million users, nearly one third of linkedIn’s 135 million membership base. Despite this impressive growth, the adoption of Google+ doesn’t yet compare to that of facebook, which has more than 800 million users. ever since its launch, Google+ has been open to individuals to sharestories with their circles, get involved in discussions, post photos, and participate in video conference calls (called Hangouts). However, the social network didn’t provide businesses with much value, and many marketers were left wondering how to truly benefit from Google+. In early November, Google+ finally rolled out business pages. Now the platform not only enables companies to create pages,...