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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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Calculating Your Ecological Footprint:

Begin by selecting your country and language from the map and select U.S. units for your results. Throughout the quiz, answer each question with the mostaccurate answer for your current lifestyle, selecting the “next” button at the bottom of each page to progress. After advancing from the final page, you will be provided with your ecological footprintfor the categories listed below. Enter the results in the table below, and calculate the percentage for each category by dividing the value in each category by the Total Footprint and multiplying by100 (to convert proportion to percentage).

| |Footprint Area (acres) |Percentage of Total |
|Carbon |75.19|46.31 |
|Food |25.33 |15.60 |
|Housing |15.68|9.66 |
|Goods/Services |46.17 |28.44 |
|Total Footprint|162.37 |100.01 |

How did your Total Footprint compare to the average for your country? Did this surprise you?

My country averagefootprint is 246.41 while mine is 100.01; there is a difference of 146.4. It did really surprise me. I think that the changes I have done to my lifestyle, like recycling more, buying food in organicstores, have really made a difference though.

How many Earths would be needed to support the human population if everyone lived like you?

4.18 Earths

Ecological Footprint 1Analyzing Changes:Return to the Calculator, and use the Back button (or its equivalent on your browser) to go back to the questions. Make one reasonable change that would reduce your ecological footprint. Hit the...
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