Human resources managment in spain

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Sélyca Costa Linares

Human Resource Management

Anadolu Universitesy 2010-201


1- General idea about Human Resource Management 2- Historical Development of Human Resource Management in Spain 3.- The way that companies offers the work in Spain and where people is going to look for their job. 4.- Selection process 5.- Evaluation processabout employeers 6.- How companies motivate employeers? 7.- Bibliography

1- General idea about Human Resource Management a) What is Human Recourse Management? In terms of business administration, we call Human Resources (HR) to the work that all the employees or associates transfer to one organization; but more often we call HR the function that is responsible for identifying, recruiting,training, hiring and retaining employees in the organization. These tasks can be played by a person or department (HR professionals) b) Objectives The basic objective of the Human Resources is to align HR policies with the organization's strategy, which will implement the strategy through people. People are considered the only resource that is able to live and lead to organizational success and thechallenges that today is seen in the global competition. It is important to note that people don’t manage HR. They are given to the people seeing them as active and proactive agents with intelligence, creativity and intellectual skills. c) Functions Usually, the HR functions consist on areas such as recruitment and selection, hiring, training, induction and retention of staff in the company. Dependingwhere the HR function operates (companies, institutions...) there use to be other groups that perform different responsibilities that have to do with issues such as administration of employee or managing relations with trade unions and others . In order to implement the strategy of the organization the Human Resource Management are essential. Is because of that , that we should consider conceptssuch as organizational communication, leadership, teamwork, negotiation and organizational culture. We consider the planning of the templates as a set of measures that (based on the study of information regarding staff and programs and expectations of the organization) tend to determine the human needs in an industry in a specified time, quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as its cost. alongwith the directors of the organization.

d) Goals The current human resource management have 3 goals: Choose the person best suited to the company, encourage retention in and shape it to fit the changes that can happen. e) Management models The are mamy management models. The most relevants are: - Taylorism: The creator was Federich W. Taylor. His model is based on the division of differenttasks bringing production process worker isolation and the imposition of a salary proportional to the value they add to the productive process. This new method of industrial organization whose purpose was to increase productivity and prevent control of the worker at the time of production. His main idea consists on desire to maximize the productive potential of the industry.

- Fayolism: Createdby Henry Fayolis, is based on the idea that management of human resources must be central to achieving business goals. This centralized support unit command and staff organization from highest to lowest category, so that the less categories obey the orders of superiors. - Other Trends in fixing the interest in the individual, taking aim know the concerns, needs and expectations of workers that makean organization applied psychology and sociology-oriented company.

2- Historical Development of Human Resource Management in Spain Related to the historical development of Human Resource Management in Spain, we can say that there are some parallels between the evolution of the HR function political and socio-economic evolution: Dictatorship --> Personnel Management Democracy --> Labor...
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