Ilegal immigrants in usa

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2010
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Illegal Immigrants in USA

One of the most challenging yet debatable topics is that of immigrants that come through illegal means. Infact, half of US population is against US, but there are stillmany people that supposedly come to support it. The debate is nothing short of challenge as it not only pinpoints a certain person but also the families, young and old alike. Also it pinpoints thedifference of mentality and cultures of two distinct natures. Within it, also comes ethics of what is right and what is wrong etc. they are the people that have made it to the borders of US, puttingtheir lives under serious jeopardy just to be a part of the Great American Dream.

The last few years have been a disaster for US when it comes to the aspect of illegal immigrants. The US officials areunable to handle the constant violation done by these individuals. They actually have no reason to stay, work and be in the shoes of US citizens without proper paper work. The people basically comefrom Central and South America as well as from Mexico. According to the stats provided by Pew Hispanic Centre, out of all illegal immigrants, about 56% are Mexicans.
The purpose of these immigrantsmay vary but actually they come in search of work knocking the doors of thousands of U.S. employers. Not all of the immigrants are able to be a part of Great American Dream as it is the first group ofillegal immigrants that gets all the privileges (Jan; 2003). Others comprise of the group of visa possessing tourers, scholars and extremely skilled workman who, deliberately, turn illegal immigrantsor "out of status".
Many people believe that despite being the illegal immigrant, they do take part in paying taxes. They may seem to accompany with no papers what so ever but they do have itin#and due to this they have a duty to pay taxes or else the government is liable to take action. They are not able to get a share that they desire due to predominated US society. According to some,...
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