Impact of the globalization in mexico.

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To initiate we can ask us ¿what happens in the world?, and quickly we will identify that in the current context, all thecountries by own convenience are obliged to be related some with other.

We can say that currently, what happens in any place of the world, affects al remainder of the economies of the planet. Exactly,this is the reason that Economic Blocks are being formed and being subscribed Trade Free Commerce.

The Mexican businesses have had that to face a world environment of intense competence, as well asto the diverse obstacles that each country imposes on the importing of merchandise to protect its industry.

Mexico has seen the need to begin commercial negotiations with those countries that, bytheir proximity, are natural markets for the Mexican products. Thus, various trade agreements have been established, same that have permitted to the country:

• To Expand its potential marketsbeyond its borders.
• That its products compete on equal terms with the of the businesses of the respective countries.
• To Have preferential access.

How does it affect the Globalization to thebusinesses and producing?

In an economy closed, the consumer does not have possibilities of election in matter of price and quality. In contrast, the multiple options that offer an open market andthe competence that this generates, they favor al consumer because counts on a greater number of satisfactores of diverse quality, which they can be adjusted to any type of need and of budget.

Inthe state of Tlaxcala they operate around 20 transnational businesses in the manufacturing industrial sector, of them I elected to three by considering them representative in various senses; these theyare Nestle, Olivetti and Warnaco, Inc.

The transnational Nestle is of origin and Swiss capital, the plant is found located in the municipality of Tlaxcala and in her milk food are produced, has...
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