Impact of managment in the globalization of business"

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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Information technologies and communication and knowledge management figures prominently in business and are an important means both to increase the creativity and efficiency.
Can not understand thetechnological revolution and vice versa without globalization, society and the economy have a global nature and scope, for example, stock markets, we note that the transactions that take place in theNew York Stock Exchange have a clear impact in other markets worldwide.

It is quite clear that global influences have replaced the traditional economies of the industrial era, and in this sense,the Internet is having a significant impact.

General competitive strategy of the company looks of it the permanent adaptation to its environment. Indeed, the increasing globalization of business hascontributed to the difficulty of understanding the environment surrounding the company.

Redouble internationalization does not mean those in other markets which the company functions in their homemarket.
The changes may affect different areas of the structure and mode of corporate behavior, and affect their organization and their management methods.
The objectives, strategies andorganizational structures vary greatly from one nation to another, without there being a universally appropriate. There are different objectives and attitude to risk.

One of the main obstacles facing firmsthat initiate a process of internationalization is to find people with talent and professionalism.
The person to whom you entrusted with this responsibility must have a thorough knowledge about theparticular consumer, media, distribution channels, competition, government regulations, etc., In the target market.

The most common cultural problems often arise from differences in languages, thelack of knowledge and sensitivity to the tastes, customs and traditions of foreign countries.

In conclusion to all these factors, the modern enterprise that wants to compete in a global market...
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