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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Millions of people connect on the Internet every day. Making a new buddy, finding a date for the weekend, finding their true love online or just looking to talk to someone…
The main advantage ofmeeting someone online is that you are forced to not have a first impression based only on looks. A lot of times we judge books (and people) by their covers, which sometimes makes us miss out on somegreat dating possibilities. The interaction that you have with people online can end up being much deeper, especially at the beginning.
On the other hand, online dating has some problems. Just as youcan make yourself look as good as possible, others can do the same. While chatting online, it is next to impossible to get a perfect idea of what a person is like. The people you talk to may even belying about themselves, and the pictures they post could actually be of someone else. Until you meet someone in person, you do not really know much about them.
In my opinion, meeting people online mightbe something to consider, but only as a complement to meeting and interacting with people in person. Take care how you use it and don´t make your social life dependent on it.

Nowadays,computers are all around us and are getting deeper into our lives every day. They exist around every of us and are extremely popular. But are they really that useful?

Supporters of technology say thatit solves problems and makes life better. Opponents argue that technology creates new problems that may threaten or damage the quality of life. There are several viewpoints on the implications oftechnological change and advancement and such schools of thought which considerably vary have their respective validity. 

Technological change has its advantages and disadvantages. For one, it is truethat it partly solves problems and makes life better. At the same time, technological changes may likely create new problems thereby threatening or damaging quality of life.

To sum up, computers...
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