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As young peoplebetween the ages of twelve and eighteen approach independence from their parents, they are concerned with “finding themselves.” Their goal at this stage is to develop an identity. The danger at this stage is confusion about their social and occupational roles. If they are unable to combine these roles and to find a sense of stability in their lives, role confusion results.
An effect ofrole confusion is the difficulty many teenagers have in choosing a career. Their parents or friends may pressure them to choose a specific occupation, some careers may be seen as a threat to personal identity, and the job market changes rapidly. For these reasons, young people may feel unable to make a vocational choice. Many delay choosing, and instead enter what psychologists call a“psychosocial moratorium,” a period characterized by a delay of commitment. They may spend several years traveling or working at various temporary jobs, without deciding on a permanent occupation. Ideally, a psychosocial 10 moratorium should be a period of adventure and exploration, having a positive impact on the young adult and society.
In some cases, however, they young person may show defiant ordestructive behavior, trying to resolve role confusion by assuming a negative identity. For example, a teenage boy whose parents have stressed the importance of doing well in school may refuse to study. His negative identity may be confirmed by the way he is treated by authority figures. If a teenager’s behavior puts him into contact with overly strict parents, teachers, or the police, he may put all hisenergy into becoming even more defiant.

1. | What does the passage mainly discuss? | |
___ | A. How to be independent from parents. | B. Causes and effects of role confusion. | C. Why choosing a career is difficult. | D. Types of destructive behavior. |
2. | Role confusion is a result of | |
___ | A. the inability to combine social andoccupational roles. | B. lack of information about different career choices. | C. the fear of becoming independent from parents. | D. disagreement with parents over the role of education. |
3. | Which of the following is NOT given as a reason for difficulty in choosing a career? | |
___ | A. the changing job market. | B. pressure from parents. | C. A threat topersonal identity. | D. a sense of stability in life. |
4. | The word “them” in line 7 refers to | |
___ | A. teenagers | B. parents | C. friends | D. careers |
5. | Look at the word “vocational” in line 7. Another word in paragraph 2 that has the same meaning as “vocational” is | |
___ | A. career | B. difficult | C. personal | D. psychosocial |
6. | Which of thefollowing may be a sign of a psychosocial moratorium? | |
___ | A. Allowing parents to choose one’s career. | B. Entering a job training program. | C. Applying for a scholarship at a university | D. Deciding to take only temporary jobs. |
7. | The word “impact” in line 10 is closest in meaning to | |
___ | A. delay | B. identity | C. effect | D. payment |8. | The word “assuming” in line 12 is closest in meaning to | |
___ | A. taking | B. criticizing | C. avoiding | D. predicting |
9. | Defiant or destructive behavior may be an attempt to | |
___ | A. prepare for a dangerous job | B. deal with role confusion | C. impress parents and friends | D. learn more about the police |
10. | Parents, teachers, and the police are...