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Listen to the conversation between Nina and Rick. Read the sentences. Write T (true) or F (false).

___ 1. Friendship Force visitors can be young or old.
___ 2. Some Friendship Force visitors stay in hotels.
___ 3. Nina wants to stay with a host family in Thailand.
___ 4. All host families speak English.
___ 5. Nina and Rick agree thatit’s good to have international friends.

What will Nina and Rick talk about? Check ( ) your ideas.

___ host families ___ shopping ___ traveling
___ Hotels ___ music ___ groups
___ Students ___ children ___ languages


Complete the conversation with the correct from of be. Use contractions wherever possible.

Friendship Force International
Building global goodwillthrough personal friendship

Q: What kind of people does the Friendship Force look for?
A: Friendship Force visitors are interested in other cultures. They aren’t afraid of new places.
Q: Is it necessary to speak another language?
A: No, it isn’t! Language isn’t a big problem for the visitors.
Q: What if we have a problem when we are in another country?
A: EveryFriendship Force group has a leader. The leader is always near you. For example, last year, one visitor was sick in Germany. Her host family called her Friendship Force leader. The leader took her to the doctor immediately. Luckily, she wasn’t very sick. The next day, she was fine. So remember, when you travel with the Friendship Force, you aren’t alone.
Q: I really want to travel with the FriendshipForce, but I’m not sure when I can go. Is that a problem?
A: No, that isn’t a problem. There are many different groups every year. The schedule is on our website.

Friendship Force International
233 Peachtree St. NW (Suite 2250)
Atlanta. Georgia 30303 USA

3. LISTESNING TWO: The Quilts of Gee’s Bend

Listen to the radio broadcast about the women in a town called Gee’s Bend. Thencomplete the outline with the information you hear. Circle the correct answer.

A. What are the Gee’s Bend quilts?

1. Gee’s Bend quilts are b made by hand.
a. Clothing
b. Blankets
2. They are made out of old clothing such as jeans and a
a. Dresses
b. Sweaters

B. Why are they art?

3. The women put all the b together carefully.
a. Colors
b. Pieces
4.The quilts look beautiful and a
a. Unusual
b. New

C. Why do they have special meaning?

5. One women made a quilt to remember her a
a. Mother
b. Husband
6. B, mothers, and daughter make them together.
a. Neighbors
b. Grandmothers


Read the radio advertisement and look at the picture. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.

Advicefamous recycled trendy
Environment material trash unusual

Do you want to enjoy camping and outdoor sports all year―even in the winter, in the rain? Then here’s my advice for you: you should wear Polar Fleece sports clothing. Polar Fleece clothing keeps you dry in wet weather and warm in cold weather. How is Polar Fleece made? Believe it or not, Polar Fleece clothing is made out ofrecycled plastic bottles! Recycled bottles go to a big factory. Machines at the factory clean the bottles, cut them into small pieces, and heat them. The bottles melt and become a liquid, like water. Then, another machine changes the liquid into a material that looks like wool. This “wool” is called Polar Fleece! This unusual material is comfortable and very warm. You can buy Polar Fleece winterclothes in many styles, so you will always look trendy! Polar Fleece also reduces trash because it is made out of recycled plastic bottles. So it helps the environment. Today, the name Polar Fleece is famous all over.


Work with a partner and check the stressed syllables. Then look at the boldfaced words and answer the questions below.

1. Here’s some clothing....
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