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Auxiliary verbs


There are three classes of verbs in English.
1. The auxiliary verb do, be and have are used to form tenses and to show forms such as questions and negative.2. Modal auxiliary verbs such as must, can, should, might, will and would. They help other verbs and have their own meanings.
3. Full verbs are all the other verbs in the language, for example,play, run, help, think, want, go, etc.
* Remember that the verbs do, be, and have can also be used as full verbs with their own meaning (I do my washing on Saturdays)


1)Present simple - PRESENTE SIMPLE

1) To express an action that happens again and again, that is a habit.
I go to work by car
2) To express a fact which is always true
My daughter has browneyes
3) To express a fact which stays the same for a long time (a state)
He works in a bank

Spelling of verb + -s
1) The normal rule is to add –s to the base form of the verb.
Wants –eats – helps – drives

2) Add –es to verb that end in –ss, -sh, -ch, -x, and –o.
Kisses – washes – watches – fixes – goes

3) Verbs that end in a consonant + y change to –ies
Carries – flies– worries – tries


I – YOU – WE –THEY Verbo DO (negativo e interrogativo)
HE – SHE – IT Verbo + “s” DOES (negativo e interrogativo)“es”


I send e-mails every day ...............Yo envío mails todos los días
She sends mails on Sundays ...................Ella envia mails todos los domingos
I don’t send faxes................................... Yo no envio faxes
He doesn’t send letters ............................El no envia cartas
Do you send mails to that contact?...........¿Envias mails a ese contacto?
Doesshe send the applications to you?..¿Ella te envia las solicitudes?


a) acciones en el momento de hablar
b) situaciones temporarias
c) acciones...
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