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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Defensa
Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica
De la Fuerzas Armadas Bolivariana

Lic. Yohimar SiviraIntegrantes:
Niobis Yoris
C.I. 20.932.382
Estiben Cumare
C.I. 21.623.622

Santa Ana de Coro; noviembre del 2010

1.- Put in the verbs inbrackets in the correct tenses. (Completa la oración en el tiempo verbal que corresponda. Utiliza los verbos en parenthesis.

Example: The sun ______________ now. (to shine)

Answer: The sun isshining now.

1) We are watching TV when it started to rain. (to watch) |
2) I am wanting to visit you yesterday, but you are being not at home. (to want) (to be) |
3) Look! It is raining, so we can't is going to the beach. (to rain) (to go) |
4) There are a lot of clouds! It is raining soon. (to rain) |
5) The sun is rising in the East. (to rise) |
6) Since 2003 theyare visiting their son every year. (to visit) |
7) While the doctor is examiningMr Jones, his son is waiting outside this morning. (to examine) (to wait) |
8) I am waiting for my girlfriendfor two hours. (to wait) |
9) After Larry is seeing the film on TV, he decided to buy the book. (to see) |
10) Wait a minute, I am carrying this box for you. (to carry) |

2. Elabora Unaoración con cada uno de los tiempos verbales vistos en clase. Utiliza los siguientes verbos.
1. - Eat:
Pedro is eating salad with tomato
Maria and Sofia were eating in my house withme
2. - Speak:
Jesus is talking about the games
Angela was talking with Mary. But had to withdraw
3. - Travel:
Jose is traveling to San Cristobal
Julietatraveled to Italy yesterday
4. - finish:
Lucia is finishing lunch
Belinda was finished bathing
5. - Come:
Pablo is come at him house
Paul was come later at work
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