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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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When poison is swallowed
Poisonous substances, such household cleaners, disinfectants, and overdoes of medicine, are accidentally taken be many people. In all cases, first have the victim drinklarge amounts of wáter or milk in order to dilute the poison . the antidote for the poison is often printed on the label of the container of the poisonous material. It should be given to the victimif itis readily available. However, diluting the poison will usually be sufficient until medical advice can be obtained. If there is a delay, it may be wise to induce vomiting, an alkali or a petroleumproduct such as kerosene. In these cases vomiting should not be induced.
Chemical burns
Certain chemicals cause severe irritation or burns when they come in contact with teh skin and eyes. Amog theirritating substances in common use are acids, alkalies, tuprntine, cleansing agents, lime and cement, petroleum products and some asphalt preparations. Imediate actions should be taken to wash theaffected are with large amounts of clean running water until medical assistance can be obtained. Putting salve, ointment or other medication on the skin or in the eyes is not recommended as afirst-ais method because it will obstruct the physician`s view of the damaged area. Besides, thepresence of medication will make the physician’s cleansing of the part more painful tan it would otherwise be.Cuando el veneno es ingerido

sustancias venenosas, como productos de limpieza del hogar, desinfectantes, y abusa de la medicina, son accidentalmente ha tomado mucha gente. En todos los casos,en primer lugar a la víctima beber grandes cantidades de agua o leche para diluir el veneno. el antídoto para el veneno suele ser impreso en la etiqueta del envase del material venenoso. Se debe teneren cuenta la victimif es fácilmente disponible. Sin embargo, diluir el veneno por lo general será suficiente hasta que un médico puede ser obtenido. Si hay un retraso, puede ser sabio para inducir...
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