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1. - attendance and punctuality.

1.1 The time of entry to school is at 7:20 for the morning shift and 13:50 hours for the afternoon shift, with a tolerance of 5 minutes, after whichthe student can only be admitted, accompanied by father or guardian.

1.2 The students will attend classes daily and on time, participating in all mandatory activities conducted within and outsidethe campus.

1.3 For purpose of counting absences, will count as one absence for every three challenge and to be eligible for consideration shall be at least 85% of the assistance period.

1.4The justification of absences is done through a paper presented exclusively by the parent or guardian of the student (a) the Social Work Department for approval, specifying the causes of absence withinthree days after failure.

1.5 The student (a) that accrues five consecutive absences without notice, automatically be deemed low.



2.1. Uniformcharacteristics:

WOMEN: white shirt, sport neck, short sleeves, jumper neck "V" line skirt in "A" (unadjusted), the length should be below the knees, white socks, shoe lace collegial, black(without platform or sleeve), navy blue sweater according to the degree, the shield should be worn on the left side in both the jumper as the sweater.

MEN: cami, pants, tie and green belts,shoes in black corn without platform or cap, navy blue sweater with a collar "V" crest sewn on the left sleeve of the blouse and sweater, hair cut will be moderated no excess gel or dye (not modern cutsand long hair.)

The sports uniform is the same for both sexes, and includes: shirt, shorts, pants and jacket, complete with socks and white tennis shoes.

2.2. The uniform must always wearclean, pressed and without patches, emblems or signs that denigrate the morality.

2.3. The students should monitor their accessories (ornaments, earrings or necklaces) are modest and unobtrusive,...
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