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English Homework
Name: Erik Tapia

1. - Reported statements. Change this direct speech into report speech

*”he works in a bank”
Marcsaid that he worked in a bank
*”we went out last night”
she told me that they had gone out the night before
*” I’m coming”
my brothersaid he was coming
*” I was waiting for the bus when he arrived”
she told me she had been waiting for the bus when he arrived
*”I didn`t goto the party”
You told me that you hadn’t gone to the party
*”Lucy come later”
she said she would come later
*”he hasn’t eaten breakfast”she told me that he had not eaten breakfast
*”I can help you tomorrow”
my mother said she could help me the next day
*”I`m watching TV”Susana said to me that he was watching TV

2. - report questions. Change these direct questions into report speech.

1.”do you live inLondon”
she asked me if live in London
2.”did he arrive on time”
She asked me if he arrived on time
3.”where is he”
She Asked me where ishe
4.”what are you doing”
she asked me where I was
5.”how is your mother”
She asked me how my mother was
6.”can you help me”
She askedme if I could help her
7.”are you working tonight”
She asked me if I was working tonight
8.”where will you live after graduation”
Sheasked me where I would live after graduation
9.”do you love me”
She asked me if loved her

English Homework
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