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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2011
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Re-vaga: I am going to go to the mall.

Requete-vaga: Excellent idea, I will go with you.

Internauta: I won't be able to go, I am going to do my homework.

Re-vaga: Whatdifference does it make? You won't pass your class.

Requete-vaga: I think she is going to pass her English class.

Internauta: I have an idea, I am going to go online and use Yahoo Respuestas.Someone will do the homework for me.

Mamá de
Internauta: Don't even think about it! You are going to stay home and you will do your homework.

Internauta: Mom, are you going to be mean to me again?Mamá: No, I won't be. I am just going to repeat the message for you: You are going to stay home to do your homework, period.

Internauta: I guess I am going to have to stay home.


person #1- Does everyone know what they want to order?
person #2- I am ready; i am going to order the steak and potatos.
person #3- I am also ready; i am going to order a hamburger with frenchfries.
person #1- Okay, great; i'll call the waiter over and order for everyone.
***despues de comer***
person #2- Wow! The food was so good. I loved all the flavors; it was so tasty!
person #3-Yes, it was. I really enjoyed eating here, we should come back again,
person #1- Good idea, i would come to this restaurant again. I am ready to leave, but first we have to pay the bill.
person #2-Of course, I love that this restaurant is not expensive, that is another reason we should come back again.
person #3- It was a great deal, we were served a lot of food for very little money! I likedour waiter too, we should leave him a large tip.


Melani : Hello girls how are you ?
gretchen ; fine thanks
susan ; fine thanks , we were waiting for you
gretchen ;yesbecause we want to go to the beach
melani; what do you want to do , would you like to go to a bar ?
susan ; yes i would like ,I want to drink a beer
susan; but we have to come back here not too...
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