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The Heinemann Guided Readers provide a choice of enjoyable reading material for learners of English. The series is published at five LEVELS- Starrer Beginner, Elementary , Intermediate and Upper. At Beginner Level The control of content and language has the following main features
Information Control
The stories are written in a fluent and style with straightforward plots and a restrictednumber of main characters. The cultural background is made explicit through both words and illustration. Information which is vital to the story is clearly presented and repeated where necessary.
Structure care is taken with sentence length. Most sentences contain only one clause though compound sentences are used occasionally with the clauses joined by the conjunctions and but and or. The use ofthese compound sentences gives the text balance and rhythm. The use of Past Simple and Past Continuous

Thieves in the Shop
It was a Friday morning in December. It was dark and ¡t was snowing.
Toby was working. He was doing his newspaper round. Every morning he delivered newspapers to people’s houses.
Toby got off his bicycle in William Street. He put his bike against the wall.He was taking newspapers to Mr. Spry. Mr. Spry lived alone above his shop. Mr. Spry sold sweets and cigarettes.
It was six-thirty in the morning. Mr. Spry was always asleep at this time.
But this morning Toby got a surprise. There was a light under Mr. Spry’s back door.

Toby went slowly up to a window. There were curtains inside. The curtains were closed. He saw nothing. There was anotherwindow. It was a high window and it was very small. But there were no curtains over it.
There were some empty boxes beside the door. Toby put one of the boxes under the small window. He stood on it. The box was not very strong. The wood broke and Toby fell. He knocked over some empty milk bottles.

One of the bottles broke. There was a loud noise. Suddenly, the door opened. A man held Toby.Inside said the man.
The man pulled Toby into the back room and shut the door.
‘Let go of my arm,’ Toby shouted. ‘You’re hurting me.’
The man did not let go. Toby looked at him. The man was tall and heavy. He was wearing a short black coat.
There was a noise on the stairs behind Toby. Toby looked round. Mr. Spry was pushed down the stairs into the room. A youth with long, yellow hair washoIding him.
Tobv, ‘Mr. Spry said in surprise.
I saw a light,’ said Toby.
And he looked through the window,’ the big man said. That was a mistake.’
The big man held on to Toby’s arm.
What -what are they doing here? Toby asked Mr. Spry.
‘They’re thieves, Toby,’ said Mr. Spry. ‘They’re robbing my shop.’

An Accident
The big man pushed Toby into the comer. Toby and Mr. Spry stood together.‘Stay there’ said the big man. Don’t move.’ He turned to the youth with yellow hair,
‘Watch them carefully. I’ll fill the bags.’
The big man went into the shop.
I’m sorry, Mr. Spry,’ Toby said. ‘I made a noise.’
‘Never mind, Toby,’ replied the old man.
Yellowhead watched them
‘Is that a paper?’ he asked.
He was looking at Mr. Spry’s newspapers. Toby had them inside his coat.
Toby nodded.He gave Yellowhead the daily paper.
But he kept the local paper in his hand. The local paper gave people news about their own town.
Yellowhead opened the daily paper.
Toby watched him.
What can I do?’ he thought
Suddenly Toby had an idea.
Opening the gates
Toby listened. These men were thieves. The police were looking for them.
The big man was speaking. We can´t go down the hill. Itis a one-way steed. Traffic can only go up the hill and there will be a police car at the bottom
The two of them stood in silence
Where is the lorry? The big man asked Toby
At the top of the hill. Toby said. Round the corner.
The big man smiled. He had an idea
The electronics factory ha said to yellowhead we can go through there
The factory opposite this shop? Asked Yellowhead....
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