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1. Draw a map of your neighbourhood.
2. Write the names of the streets on it.
3. Write the names of the buildings, too

by my house is a oxxo a Super7 and park
my house is on the block fromSuper7

Find photos or draw pictures of the
most important sights in your town.
2. Write a couple of sentences under
each picture.
3. Use the pictures and the sentences
you wrote to make abrochure about
your town like the one about London
on pp. 56-57 in the student’s book.

the Santa Lucia is very beautiful unlugar Tares to spend nights with family and friends

garcia caves is apopular place to go for a walk bonito'para

Think of all your favourite food.
2. Find photos or draw pictures of it.
3. Put everything together to make your
dream menu

warrior princesshamburgers-------------------------$30
individual pizza --------------------30
family pizza ----------------------- $ 50
lasagna ------------------------------$ 70drink

cocas ------------------------ $ 15
lemonade --------------------$ 15
orange juice--------------- $ 20

lemon pie ---------------------- $ 35
Snow ---------------------------- $25
chocolate cake------------------$ 30
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Find photos of past birthday celebrations.
2. Write whateverybody is doing in the pictures.
eg. In this picture I’m … / My friends are ….
3. Then, write about what children in your country usually do to
celebrate their birthday.
eg. In … childrenusually … on their birthday

at this event by children playing with balloons

at this event all dance and drink beer

Find or draw a map of your country.
2. Find photos of important citiesor other places or things in
your country. (eg. forests, rivers, animals, products).
3. Stick them around the map of your country and write a few
sentences about them. You can use the example of...
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