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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Extracto de la Unidad 7
Conversando Mientras Espera el Autobús
A Hi, are you waiting for the bus to LA, too?
B Excuse me, are you talking to me?
AWell, yes, I guess we must be waiting for the same bus. The
11 :20 to LA. Are you going to LA, too?
B Well, yes I amo The bus sems to be late,doesn't it?
A Yes, twenty minutes, it seems. That's what the announce¬
ment said. We mayas well get a coffee or soda. It's a long
bus ride. Would youcare to join me?
B Sure, why not. Good idea. It is a long ride.
Variantes y Combinaciones
11'5 a long ride to LA.
Denunciando un Robo
Extracto de laUnidad 8
A Poi ice operator 506. Where is your poi ice emergency?
B Hello, is that Emergency?
A Ves, it is. Where is your emergency?
B Well, I'mat the comer of Washington Street and Lincoln
Drive, at 204 Washington Street. Aman with a knife has just attacked a lady in the lobby and snatched herpurse. I think he's still in the building.
A I see. Let me confirm the address. You're at 204 Washington Street, which is at the comer of WashingtonStreet and Lincoln Drive.
B Ves, it's on the south side of Washington Street next to
Vera's Flower Shop.
A What's the apartment number?
B Well, I'min the lobby now. I was visiting some friends in 1-E. A May I have your phone number and your name?
B Ves, the number is 857-2111 and my name isBeppe
A How do you spell that?
B B-E-P-P-E s-c -I-M-O-N-E.
A Please stay where you are. The poi ice will be there as soon
as possible,
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