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Web Quest 2: Coordinators, Subordinators, and Transitions.
Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (5) “José Vasconcelos
Professor Marcos Gómez Morden

Trabajo para mejorar la calificación del segundoperíodo.

Assignment 1
Search in the Internet short examples of the following different text types:
* The Expository Text Type (description, sequence, comparison, cause and effect, problem andsolution, etc)
* The Narrative Text Type
* The Argumentative Text Type

In each case you have to download the complete page and write down the name of the article and its address, for example:Example of Descriptive Text

Generic Structure | Text/Article |
Title | The Hanging Gardens of Babylon |
Definition and time | The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was a man-made structure that wasone of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Hanging Gardens originated in approximately 605 B.C. |
Description of purpose | Babylon, the capital of Babylonia, was built between the Euphratesand Tigris Rivers, where modern Baghdad, in Iraq, stands today. King Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens for his wife, Amytis, who was the Princess of the Medes. |
Description of features andtheir use | The Hanging Gardens was built on arches overlooking the city walls. The lowest terrace was twenty-four metres off the ground and each succeeding terrace was three metres higher. There wereabout six terraces, so that the topmost terrace was forty metres off the ground. |
Description of physical Features (appearance) | The first stage of the building was a series of brick archwaysthat were the same height as the city walls. Underneath them lay a shaded courtyard. On top of these arches, the Babylonians built long brick terraces in rows. These terraces were lined with lead, tohold the water, then covered with thick layers of fertile soil. Many exotic plants and trees were planted. Each of flower-bed was the size of a tennis court and the area of each terrace was thirty...
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