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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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GRADE: 10TH DATE: May 31st, 2011
Topic: modals
Copy the following chart in your English notebook
Purpose: givingadvice | Purpose: expressing suggestions |
subject | should | Simple verb | subject | could | Simple verb |
Example: I should learn to play the piano | Example: I could help you |
Purpose: askingfor advice | Purpose: asking for suggestions |
(wh) should | Subject | Simple verb | (wh) could | Subject | Simple verb |
Example: What should I do? | Example: When could we go? |
Purpose:giving opinion about the past | Purpose: Expressing a past possibility |
Subject | Should have | Verb in past participle | subject | could have | Verb in past participle |
Example: I shouldhavestarted before | Example: I could haveadopted their style |

100% | Mozart was a genius | He is talented | He will be famous |
95% | Hemust have been a genius | He must be talented | He should be famousHe ought to be famous |
-50% | He might have..He could have… been a geniusHe may have … | He might …He could… betalentedHe may … | He might …He could… be famousHe may … |

10th A Please, copy these charts in your English notebook. On Thursday 2nd I’m going to explain this topic and you are going to do a grouppractice. Don’t forget to study about the use of capital letters, because you are going to present an activity about this topic.

10th B: The first chart was explained in class.
Activity: In groups offour students you are going to invent an exercise (as the exercise in class last Monday). You must follow the example that is in your English notebook. Use the modals:
1. Should (giving advice)2. Could (expressing suggestions/
3. Could (expressing a past possibility)
* Don’t forget to write in each exercise the situation.
This activity must be presented in the next class:...
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