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Complete las siguientes oraciones con el nombre de un país o con una nacionalidad, según convenga.

a. Pedro is from Mexico, he’s .

b. Pierre is , he’s from France.

c. Yoko is from Tokyo, she’s .

d. Michelle is Canadian, she is from .

e. John and Michael are Swiss, they’re from .

f. Carlos is from Panama, he is .

g. Claire is Dutch, she is from .

h. Mauriciois from Argentina, he is .

i. Mario is from El Salvador, he is .

j. Samantha is from Ireland, she is .

Roger’s computer is fast, but Susan prefers ____.

My dog has ____ house in the garden.

She has a present for ____ boyfriend.

John and Lisa live with _____ parents.

I have her phone number, and she has _______.

Their teacher is nice, but we prefer_____.

Roger’s house is big. ______ is big too.

He has a picture of ____ girlfriend.

They have Lukas’ book, and Lukas has ________.

Lorie and I love _____ philosophy class.

Escuche atentamente y escriba los nombres y apellidos en MAYÚSCULAS que serán deletreados.


Escuche los siguientes apartes de una conversación ycomplete las oraciones.
a. Megan’s dress is .
b. Megan’s mother’s dresses are .
c. Kevin’s shoes are really .
d. Megan’s sneakers are .
e. Megan has her suitcase.
f. Megan’s family is on in the .

Puntos: 12/12
Escriba la “WH-word” que corresponda a cada pregunta.

a. is your name? / My name is Paul.

b. are you from? / I am from Ireland.c. is your birthday? / My birthday is in June.

d. is Susan? / Susan is fine.

e. are your friends? / My friends are over there.

f. is your favorite teacher at school? / My favorite teacher at school is Mrs. Peterson.

g. are you happy? / I am happy because it’s sunny today.

h. is yours, the red or the blue one? / Mine is the blue one.

i. is the party? / The party isat Joe’s house.

j. is the party? / The party is today at 9:00 at night.

k. are they so excited? / They are excited because the party is today at 9:00 a.m.

l. is your telephone number? / My telephone number is 524 – 76 54.

Puntos: 10/10
Escriba una pregunta para cada respuesta.
My house is on Main Street.
My father’s name is Alfred.
My mom iso.k., thanks.
I am tired because I walk to school every day.
They are my friends.
He is quiet because he is very shy.
The concert is tomorrow.
My favorite color is gray.
Halloween is in October.
Maria is a friend of Megan.

a. New York is very cloudy and cool during summer.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta:.

b. People drink lemonade during summer.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .

c. Winter is very cool and cloudy.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .
d. Fall is cold and cloudy.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .

e. Spring is hot and sunny.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .

f. Winter goes from December to March.
True or False:Respuesta correcta: .

g. Spring goes from March to July.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .

h. Summer goes from June to November.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .

i. Fall goes from September to December.
True or False:
Respuesta correcta: .

Puntos: 22/22
A continuación encontrará algunas de las celebraciones más importantes que se llevan a cabo cadaaño en los Estados Unidos de América. Complete los enunciados con el número ordinal correcto.
a. Americans celebrate the Halloween on October (31st / 31th / 31). October is the (10th / 10nd / 10st) month of the year.
b. Americans celebrate Labor Day on the (1st / 1nd / 1th) Monday of September. September is the (nineth / ninth / nineht) month of the year.
c. Americans celebrate New...
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