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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2012
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My ideal room
My room is my personal retreat; it is in third floor of my house. I like my room because is the biggest room of my house because it hasfour meters wide and five meters long. Since the door you can see the beautiful decoration of my room such us its pink color in the walls and purple color in thecorner´s columns and all floor is covered by brown carpet, these are my favorites colors and it make than I feel quiet and a good mood.
To your left, is the frontalpart of my room, here there is a big window, it takes possession of all the wall where you can see the most beautiful landscape and you can enjoy a natural lightingwhen the curtains is open during the day and the laps than is in the ceiling gives me enough light in the night.
To your front, in the central part between two nighttables, you can find my king size bed, it has an excellent spring mattress where I rest and I sleep very confortable during all the night.
Near my bed, in the rightpart of my room I have a big closet where I keep my clothes and shoes.
I have a little library with a desk where I have my computer and where I make my homeworkstoo.
In front of my bed, in the wall, I have a TV LCD and some posters of my favorites actors and artists.
In a corner of my room there is a soft sofa, here I makemuch activities such as the reading and to watch TV.
To the bottom of my room, I have the bathroom; here I have furniture with a big mirror and a spacious showerbath.
My favorite space of my room is the balcony; it is an agreeable space because it is full of flowers. Definitely, my room is a place for to rest and think.
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