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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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My story would be about a submarine that is making investigations in the Atlantic Ocean, they have been looking for new types of fishes, but they haven’t found anything, until they found some cavernson a really hide place of the ocean near Chile, it was a wonderful place it has many new species of fishes, the scientists were impressed with the really brilliant colours, they took pictures of theplace and returned back to tell every one their new discovery.
All scientists decided to name that place “Aquarium 2.0”, nobody knows why; they come back to the Aquarium 2.0, after preparations ofthe equipment, they were very careful with not destroying the place, but suddenly a rock fall down from the roof of the cave, the scientists were afraid that rock could change something of that littleecosystem, they haven’t realised that the rock destroyed an estrange crater where it began to leave oil, then one of the mans from the submarine saw this and told to his fellows, automatically everyone came back to the superficial world.
As it was expected this new was spread around the world, big investors wanted to get benefits from this so they started to figure out how they will take thishuge oil reserve destroying “The Aquarium 2.0” without going to jail.
The scientist community was upset with this they tried to prevent to the governments but every body ignored them, the investorspaid a lot of money to the government to allow them to destroy the wonderful place named “Aquarium 2.0”.
The scientist community was desperate, but a little shinny light was on their minds and it wasJohn McClane (Bruce Willis in Hard Die). They gave him the

Mission to investigate this case; John started investigating one of the biggest investors named Deco Phyllis but he was really bored ofthe not interesting life of Deco, so he decided to kill him, nobody cares about Deco that’s why nobody knew about his dead (although he was very important).
Then he started to investigate Boris...
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