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g. She”s taking a shower.
8. f Mrs. Thompson and herfamily are in
The dining room A Present progressive: affirmative and negative statements.

Match the statement with thesentence.

1. d Lou”s at the supermarket. a. They”re playing football.
2. e Psul”s at the bank. b.She”s studying.
3. b Linda”s in the library. c. She”s examining a patient.
4. a The football players are on the field d. He”sbuying groceries.
5. c The doctor”s at the hospital. e. He”s getting some Money.
6. J Doug”s at the Shopping mall. f. They”rehaving dinner.
7. g Susan”s in the bathroom. . h. They”re lying in the sun.
9. h Sharon and herboyfriend are at the Beach i. He”s writing a report.
10.i Mark”s at the office. j. He”s buying a shirt.

-Write the base formo r thepresent participle of the verb.

Base from Present Participle Base Form. Present Participle.

1. have having runrunning

2. sit sitting hit hitting

3. get gatting talk talking

4 shineshining drive driving

5. rain raining do doing

6. make makingput putting

7. watch watching begin begimmimg

8. listen listening study...
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