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  • Publicado : 23 de junio de 2010
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How to introduce a new process

First of all you need to know some important information about the process and the team, like who is the team with you are working with for the process…who is gonnabe affected with the new changes and if everybody understand the process and know how to use the tools for to operate this new process…also if everybody trust and understand the benefits for thecompany with the use of the new process …if they are not really sure you need to explain everything until they understand the main reason of the change. In this part you maybe gonna see some resistance ofpart of the group but you need to manage that and convince of the results.

• You gonna find Resistance of the team.

• You’ve explained how the new processes will benefit the company.Talk to the people who are resisting.  Ask them about their concerns.  Find out if they believe in the business benefit.  Find out if they believe this will benefit them.  And when they tell you, reallylisten. This approach has several benefits.  First, people who have been heard are much more likely to listen.  Rather than focusing their energy on blanket opposition, they may be more willing toaccept some aspects of the process.  Second, pooling your collective knowledge is a good thing.  They may raise some real problems that, if you can solve together, will make your company more likely toreach its goals. 

• First, talk with the team about how you do things today, and together, identify what isn’t working.  What causes the most pain for your team?
• Work with your team todevelop a list of process issues, then rate the importance of fixing them.  How bad is it today?  How much would it help if this were fixed?  There will be some obvious hot button issues, as well assome you decide are good enough for the time being. 
In June of 2005
Recently, LAN completed the implementation of interline electronic ticketing with oneworld alliance partners.

This means...
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