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PRIMERA PARTE Esta parte de la prueba consta de 9 preguntas A continuación se le presentan tres textos que usted deberá leer cuidadosa mente y, exclusivamente con base en ellos, contestará las preguntas de esta parte. On the day that y left Saturn, one of my fellow prisoners told me that since she had known me, her opinion of “ Greens” had fallen even lower that it hadbeen before. This hit me especially hard because she was a woman whom I deeply respected and also because I had secretly I imagined myself to be living a life as a green witness among the when I decided not to speak about my prison experiences because of the risks involved, she was hardly able to speak to me. She condemned me for professing to be a Green without having the courage to act likeone. It was then that Y conceived that owed it to the members of de camp to speak for them and against Saturnian’s dictator ship. It became clear to me that, whatever the diplomatic or personal repercussions, Y had to speak the truth quite openly to those who were prepared to listen, These words, then are written as the final stage of de fulfillment of a pledge made to the women of Alamet prison onSaturn. These women are now free or living in exile, but other Saturnian’s have taken their place. 1. What is the main idea of de text? A) One shouldn’t keep silence for personal security. B) It is important to listen to other people’s opinion. C) It is fair to denounce brutality. D) One can’t always speak the truth. 2. Which of the following statement is present the text? A) Freedom turns intoexile after jail. B) Honesty doesn’t bring on diplomatic troubles. C) Rebel prisoners do not respect Greens. D) Human beings are worth loving and believing in. 3. According to the text, the author changed because she. A) Discovered she wasn’t acting like a real Green. B) Made a pledge to the other women in prison. C) Didn’t believe by her fellow prisoners. D) Was respected by her fellow prisoners. Iwant to say a few things about the development of the contemporary theater; the type of drama associated with the names of Ionesco, Beckett, Genet and number of other modern writers in France, Britain, Italy and elsewhere. Studies on theater subjects tend to be ephemeral; in the most bookshops the autobiographies of star actors and collections of last year’s hits shelves have a tired look. IShould not have written this if had not been convinced that the subject has an importance transcending the somewhat confined world of theatrical literature. The theater, inspire of its apparent through the rise of the mass media remains of immense CAESA



and growing significance precisely because of the cinema and television. These mass media are too ponderous and costlyto allow much experiment and innovation. No matter how restricted the theater; and its audience may be, it is on the living stage that the actors and playwrights of the mass media are trained and gain their experience, and that the material of the mass media is tested. The theater of today is perhaps the main influence on the mass media of tomorrow. And the mass media, in turn, shape a great dealof the thought and feeling of people... 4.- which of the following sentences expresses the main idea of the text? A) Theater could be overcome by mass media. B) There can be a natural relation between theater and mass media. C) People don’t read much literature about the subject of theater. D) Theater’s importance hasn’t been overshadowed by movies or TV. 5. Which of following statements ispresent in the text? A) New authors always experiment and innovate. B) Playwrights can influence the thoughts of people. C) Actors of the mass-media get practice on the living stage. D) Theaters are restricted because of the rise of mass-media. 6.- The author wrote this because he feels that? A) Theater is still more important than TV. and movies. B) The subject of mass-media goes beyond the topic of...
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