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UNITS 10 - 12


Full Name: _Edwin Marcelo Moreano Melendez__ Support Center:

Instructions: This evaluation must be submitted on the fourth month after you have finished studying units 10, 11and 12.


Play your Class CD 3 and listen to track71

A. Listen to two people discussing what life will be life in 2050 and complete the sentences.

1. Information technology ____could____ become the most important thing.
2. People _________may_________ work from home more.
3. There _________will probably__________ be more unemployment.
4. Doctors ________might_________ find a cure for cancer.
5. There _________must______________ belife out there somewhere.

B. Listen again and complete the notes on the positive and negative aspects they mention.
Positive aspects
1. People:
_________ may work from home more_____________
6. AIDS, cancer and other chronic diseases:
_________doctors might find a cure for ____________
7. Life on other planets:
__________they might discover____________________Negative aspects
8. Unemployment:
________ there will probably be more______________
9. Computers:
________will control our lives for us_______________


C. Here is a section from a problem page letter. Fill in the gaps with these expressions: in fact, to be honest, actually, really, stuff. 5 points

D. Fill in the gaps with asuitable word from the box. 5 points

16. In the summer time, mosquitos can get really ________appalling_____________.
17. The living conditions in refugee camps are usually absolutely ____disgusting______.
18. I was _________appalled_____________ by the way the treated his dogs, he allowed them to eat at the table with everyone else!
19. She was very _____DISGUSTED_____ because they kepther waiting for 30 minutes.
20. That fish smells _____DISGUSTING__________, I can’t eat it!


Fill in the gaps with the –ing form or infinitive form of the verb in brackets 10 points

E. Complete the sentences with a relative pronoun: who, which, that, where5 points
31. The police spoke to several people _________who_________ could be suspects.
32. New York is the city ___________where___________ 1.2 million Hispanics live.
33. I prefer clothes _________which_____________ are comfortable to wear.
34. The squatters ___________who___________ lived in that old house have been evicted.
35. She works in that shop ___________where___________ sellsreally cheap sportswear.

F. Circle the best option to complete the sentences. 5points
36. They could / must have left the office because there are no lights on in the building.
37. We can’t / might go to the party because we’re already doing something else that night.
38. Julie must / might study French but she’s still a bit undecided.
39. Arsenal mustn’t / can’thave won the match! They played so badly.
40. He could / must be joking but you never know with his sense of humor.

G. Complete the sentences with the definite article or nothing. 5 points

41. _____________________ Nile will become so polluted that no fish will survive in it.
42. _________the__________ English will continue to be the most important international language.
43._________the__________ hottest countries in the world will become deserts.
44. _____________________ unemployment in western countries will continue to increase.
45. _________the__________ internet will be so popular that nobody uses the phone system.


H. Read the text.

Circle the correct answer.

46. Which statement is true according to the article?
a. Whenever...
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