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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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BARBARA SZAMACH, is polish, have 30 aged, finished secundary school and have diploma in marketing, has worked for fast-track as a sales representative sinceleaving school, and has a good knowledge of computing.
Has had the best sales result of the team during the last five years.
Excelent speaking Russian and Polish,and English has a good vocabulary, but is not very fluent.
Has very strong personality, energetic and confident, sometimes apeared aggresive during theinterview, will she be a good team player?

EVA RHEINBERGER have 42 aged, has a university degree in history, has over 15 year as a sales representative in germany,the US and poland, joined fast-track a year ago.
Has a good sales record in all her previous jobs, in her first year with fast-track her sales result have beensatisfactory.
Speaking fluent german, english and polish.
Is quiet, but knows her own mind, rather nervous at the interview, might be good at team building butwould probably depend too much on other people, likes administration, did not seem to have many ideas about the future of the company.

TADEUSZ VAJDA, ispolish have 30 aged, has a university degree in engineering, wide experience in a variety of industries, joined fast-track five years ago as regional manager for thesouth of poland, has been fairly successful, increasing sales by 12% over the five-year period, speaking fluent polish and english.
is very calm and relaxed, hemoves and talks slowly, a hard worked, not creative but happy to get ideas from the creative members of a team, current staff think he is practical and reliable.
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