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Be careful of vocabulary. Words with more than one meaning will be tested in section one of the toefl. Listen for idioms. See checkpoints L√1 through L√ 3 for practice.Be careful of sounds. Look for sound-alikes in answer choices. Do not be tricked by words and expressions which sound like those in the dialogues but which are different inmeaning. See l√4 for practice.

Listen carefully to the intonation and stress have meaning en English. They can be used to show strong emotion or even to change astatement into a question. See L√5 and L√6 for practice.

Be careful of spoken structures. Listen carefully for tricky spoken structures such as contractions, negatives, causativeverbs, conditions, tag questions, modals, passives, and relationship signals. See L√7 trough L√10 for practice

Listen carefully to the second speaker. The second speakeralways gives important information. The correct answer to part B questions is often contained in the second speaker’s sentence

Determine the situation in the dialogue.Try to determine who is speaking and where the speakers are having their conversation their conversation. See L√11 for practice

Determine the topic of the dialogue. Tryto determine what the speakers are talking about. See L√12 for practice

Determine the language functions in the dialogue. Try to determine the functions of the languagebeing used by the speaker. See L√13 for practice

Guess if you don’t know the answer to a question: choose the answer that sounds least like the dialogue. This answer is thecorrect answer

Use extra time between questions to look ahead at the answer choices. Try to predict what the question types might be for each dialogue. See L√14 for pra
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