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1) My favorite ____ is J.K. Rowling.       A) taxi driver B) writer C) singer D) pilot

2) My ____ is a very intelligent woman.       A) husband B) boyfriend C) father D) wife

3) The ordinalnumber between third and fifth is ____.       A) four B) twenty-fourth C) fourth D) sixth

4) The ordinal number between fourth and sixth is ____.       A) fifth B) seventh C) third D) tenth

5) A:____ are you? B: I'm twenty-one.       A) What B) Who C) How old D) Where

6) The ordinal number before second is ____.       A) one B) first C) two D) third

7) Zac Efron is an ____.       A)architect B) doctor C) actor D) director

8) The ordinal number between fourteenth and sixteenth is ____.       A) thirteenth B) seventeenth C) tenth D) fifteenth

9) The ordinal number between sixthand eighth is ____.       A) seventeenth B) seven C) seventh D) twenty-seventh

10) The ordinal number between nineteenth and twenty-first is ____.       A) twelfth B) twelve C) twentieth D) twenty11) The ordinal number between eighth and tenth is ____.       A) seventeenth B) seven C) seventh D) ninth

12) She's a ____ at the local high school.       A) pilot B) architect C) actor D)teacher

13) The ordinal number between sixteenth and eighteenth is ____.       A) seventeenth B) seven C) seventh D) twenty-seventh

14) The ordinal number between twenty-third and twenty-fifth is____.       A) twenty-ninth B) twenty-fifth C) twenty-fourth D) twenty-first

15) The ordinal number between fifteenth and seventeenth is ____.       A) sixteenth B) seventeenth C) seventh D)twenty-sixth

16) I bought my ____ flowers for mother's day.       A) brother B) grandparents C) dad D) mom

17) You often see ____ around the city.       A) teachers B) parents C) police officers D)dancers

18) The ordinal number between twenty-first and twenty-third is ____.       A) twenty-second B) twenty-fourth C) twenty-ninth D) twenty-first

19) The ordinal number between twelfth and...
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