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Corpus Spot: Do, Play, Go: UNIT 1 PAGE 10
We say: play + a sport with a ball
Do + a sport that shows one person’s skills
Go + a sport that ends with –ing
Put the names of sports from theexercise 1 in the correct column
play | do | go |
BasketballTable tennisFootballTennisHockeyrugby | GymnasticsAthletics | SkiingSailingCyclingSurfingWindsurfingHorse riding |
Add any othersports you like
Grammar spot. Frequency adverbs UNIT 1 PAGE 12
Frequency adverbs go before/after a main verb but before/after an auxiliary verb to be
Corpus Spot. Word order UNIT 1 PAGE 12
a. Shecomes often to my house. SHE OFTEN COMES TO MY HOUSE.
b. I meet them sometimes in my free time. I SOMETIMES MEET THEM IN MY FREE TIME
c. At weddings people usually are happy and have fun together. ATWEDDINGS PEPOLE
d. I don’t go often to the country side. I DON’T OFTEN GO TO THE COUNTRYSIDE
e. He usually doesn’t make jokes. HE DOESN’T USUALLY MAKES JOKES
f. We have a basketball team and weplay often against other teams. WE HAVE A BASKETBALL TEAM AND WE OFTEN PLAY AGAINST OTHER TEAMS

Corpus spot. UNIT 2 PAGE 16
Describing people. Underline the correct word in these sentences by PETstudents.
A. she is long/tall/high
B. he’s got short hair/hairs
Grammar Spot. UNIT 2 PEGE 18
Like, enjoy, want would like + nouns and verbs. Look at the quiz and fill the spaces with to do or goingWe likeWe enjoy | a) go to the cinemab) going out with our friends |
She wants She would like | A holidaya) go to the cinemab)goes horse riding |

Grammar spot: UNIT 3 PAGE 23
Present simpleand present continuous.
Look at these sentences about picture on page 22 and then choose the correct tense to complete rules.
I design websites
I´m plugging in my computer
We use presentsimple/present continuous to talk about what we usually do
We use present simple/present continuous, to talk about what we´re doing now.
Grammar spot. UNIT 3 PAGE 24
Some verbs are not normally used in...
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